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Most people had a rather clear line they crossed when they switched from dreams to reality. Some might even compare it to being jolted away from a very engrossing movie or game back into their actual body. But what happened when that disjointed dream-state was a constant reality for someone? Or in the case of the four members of the Crescendolls band, the reality for the four of them.

Not that they had been able or allowed to discuss such small things in private. Their rise to star status had happened nearly overnight and it had been easy to dismiss their constant state of numb fatique and sense of disconnection to the drain of spending days on end in the studio or signing poster autographs in a penthouse suite until complete exhaustion made them collapse. Then there were the concerts, the public appearances, the constant blur of moving from one place and lingering for a few minutes or so and then once again getting herded into another luxury car headed for some other location.

None of them had been able to keep a distinct account on how much time had passed. It could have been days, it could have been months, and Stella felt it the most. Each time she had touched one of the others she had been able to feel their distress and numb confusion, the only one of the four not completely cut off from incoming or outgoing communication. But then two days ago... Arpegius, Baryl, and Octave had slipped away from her. It was as if her emotion had been left behind while the body, mind, and soul had run away. But two days later, Stella was the last to be freed from watching herself as a passive observer and suddenly find herself fully aware and in control. Her dream of being on stage at some sort of awards show became fully real within a few seconds and only strong professionalism prevented her from going into a full display of confusion and fear.

After a few moments of eye movement, Stella caught sight of Baryl in the press pit aiming a strange flashlight at her. As soon as he knew he'd caught her attention there was a nod towards what looked like a backstage exit. And as it seemed like the focus was directed towards several men nearby, Stella slowly moved towards the exit as if that was what she was supposed to do. Nobody stopped to question her and she was hardly the only young woman moving unquestioned through the physical maze of showbiz.

Only after half an hour it seemed like Stella had somehow missed some sort of meeting. She actually had managed to find her way out behind the studio. She'd even had a few yellow machines slow and yell at her before speeding away after seeing her absurdly designed gown. Certainly a young woman wearing such a dress was waiting for a limo or charged by the hour. It didn't take long for Stella to try and withdraw into areas with less lighting and traffic. Most logical humans raised on earth tended to realize that less lighting and less public attention meant that less savory business could be conducted. Stella had no such warning bells and after an hour or two she simply reacted to any sudden light or sound by retreating into the darkest and less-alarming areas she could find.

She was alone in a strange world without knowing where her 'brothers' were, no way to know who was a friend or who saw her as a means to an unknown end, or even explain why she had the odd feeling that doors weren't supposed to be rectangles. Stella found the alley she was currently watching to be temporarily empty and took the chance to dart towards the lights of passing cars in the distance.


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